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Milling spindles  


Bearing design

GMN high frequency spindles of the HC/HCS series utilize hybrid ball bearings.
These bearings have standard steel bearing races and are matched with silicon nitride balls. Advantages of hybrid bearings compared with normal spindle bearings are improvement of:

  • Reduced wear

  • Rigidity

  • Friction

  • Axial movement

  • Reliability of operation

  • Vibrations

  • Fatigue life

  • Accuracy


Oil/air lubrication (Oil/air lubricators PRELUB)

  • High reliability due to the separate lubrication supply to each bearing set, and the required amount of lubricant (oil/air lubricator)

  • Ecologically compatible due to low oil consumption and dispensing with oil mist

  • Prolonged bearing life and higher load capacity due to the use of additives such as EP and HT

  • Large spectrum of applicable oils


Cooling system (Chillers)

  • Minimal thermal variations due to liquid cooling of the motor and front bearing complement (chiller)


Permanent grease lubrication

  • Low maintenance cost due to permanent grease lubrication

  • No environmental pollution by oils 

  • High reliability due to air purge sealing

  • No lubricator required, therefore lower initial investment



  • To fully utilize the high power density of the integral motors GMN can provide the proper power supply, either open or closed-loop design

  • The drives will be programmed to match the spindle parameters tested and comply to CE standards


Tool change

GMN can provide high frequency spindles to accept standard tooling interfaces. The HSK style is preferred for "HIGH SPEED and HIGH PRECISION" manufacturing.

Tooling is clamped via a high pressure spring pack and unclamping requires hydraulic pressure.

The following methods are available for providing coolant through the spindle shaft:

  • Air only

  • Air or fluid in one channel

  • Air and fluid in separate channels