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[Grinding Machine]


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Balance Systems is the inventor of the patented "moment free" high performance automatic grinding wheel balancer
and of the in-process roundness check with immediate feedback to the grinding machine.
The modular VM25 package offers an optimized solution to virtually all your balancing, touch control and in-process gauging needs.
The VM25 is easily installed to help you achieve unsurpassed product quality, productivity, ease of use and flexibility.
It can be installed on your new or already operating grinding machines.
* A single electronic modular unit for:
- automatic and manual wheel balancing on 1 and 2 plane;
- acoustic emission and power sensing for crash monitoring, gap
and dressing control;
- in-process gauging

* Programmable menu

* PLC / CNC communication

* Several human machine interfaces:
- local / remote graphic panel;
- graphic Active-X library for OEM's HMI integration;
- graphic relocatable library for OEM's HMI embedded systems

* Diagnostics

* Teleservice and 25 hours spare service
- Easy set up and training;
- User friendly;
- Complete;
- Expandable over time;
- Price / performance competitive;
- Reduced maintenance cost and machine downtime
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